Books by Michael John Sheehan

The Chosen Few

Every boarding school has its secrets….

Jack Hayes hopes to have an incredible senior year at St. Paul’s Catholic seminary. But he must stay clear of Father Lawrence “Spider” Webb, the stern Dean of Students who rules the boarding school with an iron fist. When Jack and his best friend unexpectedly encounter a mysterious...


A devastating tragedy.
A shattered rookie pitcher.
Do you believe in miracles?

Best friends Pete O’Brien and Danny Grace dream of playing professional baseball. They make a pact to help each other reach “The Show” and one day play for a championship. When tragedy strikes on a rural, wine country road, Danny’s world turns...


About the Author


About the Author: Michael John Sheehan is CEO and founder of a natural medications company that distributes European-made remedies. His first novel, the inspirational baseball/love story One Fine Season  (revised edition titled Hard Stuff printed in 2017), was written as a tribute to two childhood friends who died young. Mr. Sheehan attended St. Joseph’s High School Seminary in Mountain View, California, graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University, and received a master’s degree in science journalism from Boston University. He lives with his wife in Northern California.